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for ISPs, OSPs, Online Platforms and Websites.

Automated DMCA Management and Compliance.

Pirated Content Removal

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Essential Platform for ISPs, OSPs, Online Platforms, Websites and Businesses to Secure Safe Harbor Protection and Automate DMCA Compliance

We understand that your time is your most valuable resource. That is why we built delevit to save you time and money while producing maximum results with minimal effort.

Your business is at risk of costly lawsuits and copyright trolls unless you are protected by the Safe Harbor provisions of the DMCA.

The delevit platform secures those Safe Harbor protections for you Business with our Verified™ DMCA Agent service.

We automate your compliance with valid DMCA requests and filter out the incomplete, spam, and phishing notices for even more protection.

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Only 0.2% of Creators submit DMCA Takedowns - Google Transparency Report

Take control of how your content is shared

Just by reading this, you are joining the 1% of creators who decided to take action against leaked content and online piracy.

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To date, Google has delisted over
8,693,671,817 URLs

1-Click Takedown Submissions

We take care of locating the necessary DMCA contacts, compiling your Takedown and initiating the Takedown process.

Takedown Notices crafted by Lawyers

During our process, we utilize multiple Takedown notifications, including Cease and Desist, to increase removals.

Automation and Progress Tracking

You are always in the know. Just open any Takedown and quickly see what progress has been made with your request.

Screenshots assigned to Links  

We make it easy to capture screen shots and automatically assign them to their infringing links with Visual Review.

Removed Link Verification

With every step we take in our Takedown process, our systems check to see if your links have been removed.

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Delevit made my life so much easier. Couple clicks, report, and done! Plus, they really get stuff taken down. Two thumbs up from me!

- Kate H.

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Learn about your Automatic Copyrights

You, the creator, are already powerful. Your creations come with inherent copyrights, guarding them against un-permitted use. It's time to enforce your rights.

Protected Works

These works are protected by Copyrights, in fact, every piece of content is protected.

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Unathorized use or sharing is a breach that DMCA recognizes and strives to curb.

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It’s a nuanced space that operates in the grey zone, where not everything is black or white.

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DMCA Law remains a fundamental framework in the U.S. digital copyright landscape.

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