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What makes delevit different from other DMCA Services?

Typically, DMCA Services use bots and automated searches to collect infringing links, with varying levels of accuracy. We are as accurate as the creators who use our platform. Our Link Collection, Takedown Process and Evidence Collection are best in the industry.

Do you really offer a completely Free plan?

Absolutely! We believe in protecting creativity and empowering creators. With our Free Plan anyone can enforce their copyrights, and they can do it 10x faster than without delevit.

How can I send Takedowns for Free?

After collecting the infringing links, you will be able to use our Export function. You can export Takedowns from delevit and send them to the domain's DMCA contacts at your convenience. You can also export just the URLs if you prefer.

Who should be receiving the Takedowns?

Takedowns should be sent to the DMCA Contact of the infringing domain. If they do not respond, you may want to escalate the matter further with their Hosting, Registrar, Payment Processor and other OSPs to help resolve the matter.

Is my content protected by the DMCA?

If you created the content, you own the rights to it and you are protected by the DMCA. If someone is sharing it without your permission, you can ask them to stop with a DMCA Takedown Notice.

Can I get leaked content removed from any website?

If they do not have your permission to use it, yes. It is your legal right to request removal of your leaked content from any website. Over 90% of websites comply. If they do not, legal options are available.

How long for the leaked content to be Removed?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It can take several hours, days, weeks or even months. Sometimes it can take a lawsuit. One thing is for certain, If you don't take action, it definitely will not get removed.

Do you share my personal information?

Absolutely not! Privacy is at the heart of everything we do. We provide a privacy service with each and every Takedown Notice. The Display Name you provide is utilized for all legal communication.

Why doesn't delevit find the infringing links for me?

You know your content better than anyone! Bots are unreliable and they make mistakes. Every DMCA Takedowns company that promises to do it all for you, tends to miss a lot of leaked content and reports your legally shared content in the process. Manual monitoring is a must for successful copyright enforcement and with delevit it's fast and easy!

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