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Enhance Platform Safety

Repeat Infringer Tracking by delevit

Manage Compliance, Deter Infringement

Delevit’s Repeat Infringer Tracking service helps platforms systematically identify, monitor, and manage users who repeatedly engage in copyright infringement, ensuring compliance with DMCA regulations and safeguarding your platform from legal risks.

Importance of Repeat Infringer Tracking

A proactive approach to copyright management and DMCA compliance:

Features of Our Repeat Infringer Tracking Service

Delevit offers robust features to streamline the tracking and management of repeat infringers:

Strengthen Your Compliance and User Policy Enforcement

Implementing Delevit’s Repeat Infringer Tracking ensures that your platform adheres to DMCA requirements while promoting a safer and more compliant online environment. Protect your business and empower your platform with effective tools to manage and deter repeat copyright infringers.

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