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Secure Your Safe Harbor Protection

Premium DMCA Compliance Features for Business

  • DMCA Compliance Automation
  • DMCA Notice Validation
  • DMCA Submitter Verification
  • Phishing and Scam Detection
  • Automated Communication
  • Content Rights Management
  • Managed Content Whitelist
  • Collaborative Resolution
  • Automated Content Removal
  • AI Assisted Communication
  • Legal Evidence Collection
  • Screenshot Collection
  • File Attachments to Cases
  • Actionable Data Reports
  • Transparency to Stakeholders
  • Platform User Notification
  • Counter Notice Workflows
  • Repeat Infringer Tracking
  • Legal AI Assistance
  • Attorney Referrals

*Premium features are optional, and implemented at an additional cost. Pricing is based on three key factors: selected features, selected automations and number of notices.

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