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Copyright Infringement Solutions

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delevit offers tailored solutions to empower creators like you. Whether you prefer the autonomy and accuracy of self-service or the hands-off approach and the expertise of our Managed Services, we're here to support your content protection needs.

DMCA Takedowns - Empower Yourself with delevit

Our DMCA Takedowns offer a robust, user-friendly platform for creators who prefer taking charge. Use our game-changing plugin to report your infringed content in two clicks, ensuring your intellectual property is shared only how you choose.

Empowered Copyright Protection

Managed Services - Personalized Support, Expert Execution

For creators seeking a hands-off approach with the assurance of expert oversight, our Managed Services are the perfect fit. We assign a dedicated DMCA Agent to work closely with you, ensuring that every facet of copyright protection is handled to your specifications. Instead of easily confused bots or AI, you get real people who deliver real results.

Advantages of Managed Services

Choose Your Protection Path!

Ready to take the next step in safeguarding your creations? Whether you’re a hands-on creator or prefer expert management, delevit has a solution perfect for you.

The delevit Difference

Our commitment is in ensuring that every creator, whether independent or with our dedicated agents, feels confident and protected in the digital realm.

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